Welcome to Active Hampton

Located in the heart of Hampton Hargate, just off the Frank Perkins Parkway (A1139), the area’s first-ever sports and community centre has become a vital hub for the local community and Peterborough as a whole.

It was back in 2001 when the Hampton Community Sports Association ‘HCSA’ (a UK registered charity) was founded specifically to run and maintain the facilities on a lease from Peterborough City Council, and that remains the case today.

Some fifteen years later in 2016, it was decided the venue itself would be renamed Active Hampton to revitalise the centre for today’s modern challenges and digital world.

Run by a small team of dedicated professional volunteers; the HCSA charity has skilfully guided the centre through the rebrand and overseen the construction of a new kitchen and meeting area, £10,000 football pitch works, a £250,000 skatepark development and more recently the acquisition of a £80,000 investment in a new multi-sports playing surface.

This remarkable work by unpaid individuals has seen the charity awarded numerous awards, including double winners of the first-ever Peterborough City Council Civic Awards, along with some other notable recognition through the Living Sports Awards.

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