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Our History – Active Hampton

Our History

The Hampton Community Sports Association (HCSA) is a Hampton Hargate-based charity (charity number 1097095) working in the heart of the community.

The charity was first constitutionalised in March of 2002 with objectives to establish, secure and maintain community and sports facilities that will go on to provide improved living conditions for the inhabitants of the local community.

Since its inception, the charity has overcome many challenges and excelled to the extent that it has been specially recognised in awards at both a national and local level. Most notably, becoming Peterborough City Council’s first-ever winner of the Community Sports Impact Award, and chairman Chas Ryan also receiving a highly-acclaimed Special Recognition Award at the Charity Today Awards in 2019.

The charity has overseen many costly projects that have gone on to benefit the users and the local community.

Such projects have included; the development of The Meeting Room and adjacent kitchen area which can and has hosted things like; parties, English and Maths classes, Slimming World, football training and first aid classes and club awards events. It is also the local Polling Station.

Another big project was the community SkatePark that was established in partnership with the local authority costing more than £100,000. Today, this remains a hugely popular asset for the local community and has played a big part in the drop of anti-social behaviour in the area.

The 3G and Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA) was yet another extensive project completed by the HCSA costing over £75,000 to implement.

And finally, the recent football pitch drainage and development works that have seen fewer pitches cancelled due to adverse weather conditions.

The centre has been home to several user groups, namely; the longstanding Hampton Football Club which was the first-ever football club in the area that is still going today. The old Hampton United, Hampton Athletic and Hampton Sports teams. The Hempsted United Junior Club, and more recently FC Hampton.

The centre has also hosted several football tournaments and fundraising events over the years.

Away from football, the Hampton Netball Club was established at the then HCSA centre and the dog training classes that have been undergoing at the centre for many years.

While Yaxley Runners & Joggers the much-loved local running club for adults and youths is another longstanding user group with us for many years.

Around 2015, the HCSA centre underwent a rebranding subsequently becoming the Active Hampton centre. The charity, however, maintained its official name.

In March 2020, the centre along with the rest of the world was faced with the unprecedented challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic and unfortunately had to close for several months.

On 4 August 2020, the charity began taking steps to reopen the centre in phased and controlled manner following the lifting of the national lockdown.

As we embark on the challenges of this new era, we hope the community continue to support and embrace the ethos of the charity as we strive to move forward more robust for the experiences.